The Swing Bed program at Jasper Memorial is designed to offer the citizens in the community an alternative for receiving extended care needed after the acute hospitalization without being confined to a Long-term Care facility. Swing Bed offers the benefits of the acute care setting if needed while allowing the patient and family to participate in the recovery phase of preparing the patient to return to their own home environment. The Swing Bed program gives the patient the opportunity to receive 24 hour nursing care, daily physical therapy, and the assistance needed to gain strength in preparation to return home.

The Swing Bed program encourages the patient, family, and staff to work as a team to establish and set goals for the patient’s care. Patients are encouraged to wear their own clothes, complete their activities of daily living, and to lead their road to recovery. The Swing Bed program incorporates nursing care, physical therapy, routine social activities, and daily activities into the recovery period between acute care and the return to home.