The Laboratory of Jasper Memorial Hospital offers a wide range of testing services to the Jasper County community. Rather than having to travel to a larger facility for your laboratory tests, almost all the same tests are available locally. Licensed by the Georgia Department of Human Resources, the laboratory has a local physician, Dr. Shannon Barton, as a Medical Director and a consulting pathology group who are board certified in clinical pathology.

We have available routine health screenings (CBC, Basic and Comprehensive Metabolic Profiles), therapeutic drug monitoring (Theophylline, Coumadin, Anti-epileptic drugs), and more esoteric testing (Thyroid and Lipid panels). For tests we are not able to perform on site, we are associated with a regional reference laboratory in Milledgeville and can get these test results within 24 hours for tests sent out.

For employers, we offer a complete line of employee drug screen testing. We serve as a collection point for Quest, Labcorp, and most major DOT and non-DOT laboratories.

For more information, please call: (706) 468-4541