Active Staff Physicians

Primary Care Center of Monticello
Department of Jasper Memorial Hospital
898A College Street Monticello, GA

Nataliya Kubasova, M.D., Family Practice
Derrick Lane, M.D., Family Practice
Ashley Nordstrom, PA-C Family Practice
Elizabeth Wood, PA-C Family Practice

Venture Medical Associates

545 Venture Court, Monticello, Ga
Shannon Barton, M.D., Family Practice
Jameson Estes, M.D., Family Practice

Emergency Department Staff

James Hatcher, M.D., Emergency Department Director
Varma Meka, M.D.
Heather Hall, M.D.
Reginal Smith, M.D.
Nazir Khawaja, M.D.
Cynthia Stephenson, D.O.
Maranda Reed, M.D.
Arnold Gaskin, M.D.
Matthew Warren, M.D.
Brian Strickman-Levitas, M.D.

Consulting Staff

Muneer Al-Hakim, MD – Pediatrics
Clarence Fossier, MD – Orthopedics
Jamie Mitchell, M.D.- Dental
Delores Barnes, M.D. – Podiatry

Radiology Staff

Oconee Radiology Associates
187 Roberson Mill Road
Milledgeville, GA 31059

John Penuel , MD
Frederick Falchook, MD
Laurence Steinfield, MD
William Willoughby, MD

Pathology Staff

Southeastern Pathology Associates
Milledgeville, GA 31061

E. Savitchi , M.D.

Cardiology Staff

Piedmont Heart Institute Physicians, Inc.
95 Collier Rd, NW
Suite 2045
Atlanta, GA 30309

Brad Lipman, MD

Our Radiology and Emergency Department Physician services are
independent contract physicians.