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Jasper Memorial Hospital, operating under the auspices of Jasper Health Services, Inc., is an acute care hospital. Jasper Memorial Hospital provides care for inpatient, outpatient, and emergency room patients, and participates in the Medicare and Medicaid programs. Jasper Memorial Hospital is also licensed for eight Swing Beds and is a Medicare and Medicaid provider for the Swing Bed classification.

Jasper Memorial Hospital also ownes and operates the Primary Care Center of Monticello, a family practice primary care clinic providing medical services to all patients presenting for medical care. The clinic is a hospital based clinic. The clinic provides evaluation and treatment, both immedicate and preventative health to all patients of all ages (infant, child, adolescent, adult and geriatic) and varying levels of illness from well checks to minor and emergency care. Affiliated with the hospital is The Retreat Nursing Home, located adjacent to the hospital.

Some of the services we provide are:

Acute Care Admission

General medicine
Cardiac with telemetry monitoring
Limited critical care services
Limited pediatric services
Jasper Memorial is licensed for 17 acute care beds.

Skilled Nursing Care

Skilled nursing care is provided under the Swing Bed program. Jasper Memorial is licensed for eight Swing Bed patients as part of the total 17 licensed beds.

Emergency Room

Emergency room services are available 24 hours per day,7 days per week
ER coverage is provided by Contract Physicians Staffed by Hospital Physician Partners.
Outpatient and ambulatory care services are available through the Emergency Department
Equipped with advanced cardiac monitoring
Average waiting time for ER services is less than 30 minutes

Swing Bed Program

The Swing Bed program at Jasper Memorial is designed to offer the citizens in the community an alternative for receiving extended care needed after the acute hospitalization without being confined to a Long-term Care facility. Swing Bed offers the benefits of the acute care setting if needed while allowing the patient and family to participate in the recovery phase of preparing the patient to return to their own home environment. The Swing Bed program gives the patient the opportunity to receive 24 hour nursing care, daily physical therapy, and the assistance needed to gain strength in preparation to return home.
The Swing Bed program encourages the patient, family, and staff to work as a team to establish and set goals for the patient's care. Patients are encouraged to wear their own clothes, complete their activities of daily living, and to lead their road to recovery. The Swing Bed program incorporates nursing care, physical therapy, routine social activities, and daily activities into the recovery period between acute care and the return to home.


The Cardiology Department is a part time clinic designed so patients can be seen and followed-up by  Cardiologist from Piedmont Heart Institute,  Atlanta, Ga. without having to travel out of the county for cardiology physician consults.  The Cardiology Department operates in the Primary Care Center every Friday. EKGs, Exercise Stress Tests and Noninvasive Vascular Procedures can be performed in the department. Staff includes Bradford Lipman, M.D.


The Laboratory of Jasper Memorial Hospital offers a wide range of testing services to the Jasper County community. Rather than having to travel to a larger facility for your laboratory tests, almost all the same tests are available locally. Licensed by the Georgia Department of Human Resources, the laboratory has a local physician, Dr. Shannon Barton, as a Medical Director and a consulting pathology group who are board certified in clinical pathology.

We have available routine health screenings (CBC, Basic and Comprehensive Metabolic Profiles), therapeutic drug monitoring (Theophylline, Coumadin, Anti-epileptic drugs), and more esoteric testing (Thyroid and Lipid panels). For tests we are not able to perform on site, we are associated with a regional reference laboratory in Milledgeville and can get these test results within 24 hours for tests sent out.

For employers, we offer a complete line of employee drug screen testing. We serve as a collection point for Quest, Labcorp, and most major DOT and non-DOT laboratories.

For more information, please call: (706) 468-4541


Basic radiology procedures such as X-Ray, Ultrasound and CT scans are available at Jasper Memorial Hospital. MRI services are also available weekly for outpatient testing. More advanced procedures such as nuclear medicine and other similar advanced imaging services are available through Oconee Regional Medical Center.

Rehabilitation Services

Physical, Occupational, and Speech Therapy Services are available on-site for in-patients, swing-bed patients and out-patients.

The Physical Therapy Department provides evaluation and treatment for a wide variety of disabilities including but not limited to:

  • orthopedics
  • workers compensation
  • generalized weakness
  • neurological and vestibular disorders
  • pediatrics
  • acute and chronic pain problems
  • wound care

The PT Department also performs functional capacity evaluations (FCE) and measurements for customized compression garments.

The Speech Therapy Department provides services for dysfunction to include:

  • oral motor exercises
  • deep pharyngeal nerve stimulation (DPNS)
  • electrical stimulation
  • language stimulation
  • oral stimulation
  • reading/written language comprehension retraining
  • aural rehab for children, adults and geriatric patients

The Speech Therapy Department provides assessment for the patient's communication and swallowing function including modified barium swallow studies (MBS).

The Occupational Therapy Department provides services for rehabilitation

The overall goal of Therapy is to deliver comprehensive services to individuals with physical dysfunction secondary to disability, disease or injury in order to restore, improve, or maintain the patient’s optimal level of functioning, self care, self responsibility, independence, and quality of life in accordance with professional standards of practice, departmental policies and procedures and hospital policies. 

The major clinical functions of the Therapy Department include the prevention of loss of function and maintenance and restoration to a level of maximum functional ability.

For more information, please call: (706) 468-4554


Full Dietary services are provided on-site. A Registered Dietitian is available for clinical consultation with both in-patients and out-patients. The Dietary Department works closely with nursing service, medical staff, and other personnel and departments to ensure all patients receive appropriate nutritional support.  The Dietitian works closely with nursing and physicians to review maintain and evaluate the effectiveness of the departments’ efforts to provide sound nutritional care to our customers. 

Nutritional services will follow and adhere to the Federal and State laws and regulations.  The department is inspected annually by the Local Health Department; inspection scores are displayed in the cafeteria.  The Department of Human Resources Long Term Care Division inspects the department annually.  Results are posted in the Family Room and Day Room as part of the survey findings.  The department functions under Jasper Memorial Hospital policies and procedures, OSHA Guidelines, and American Dietetic Association Guidelines and other applicable regulations and standards.

Social Services

Social Services is staffed to assist in providing activities in our Swing Bed program. Support for social and emotional needs is provided on a fulltime basis.  There is an active Resident Council.  Families are active in the facility.  Care plans are held quarterly and as needed.  A planned activities schedule is provided on a full time basis. Admissions, financial assistance, referrals to other agencies, transportation, crisis intervention, family support, discharge planning, consultations, activities, parties, and outings are provided by this department.



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